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Unity Lectures with Virgil Brewer

The following presentations by Virgil Brewer were originally presented at Unity Chapel in Southgate, Michigan. Listen now to an in depth message on a metaphysical topic. Each is delivered with a unique and innovative approach and designed to bring you, the listener, to your own transformative, AHA experience. Click the selected title to listen to a message. Each talk is usually followed by a guided, musical meditation, which runs between 30 to 40 minutes in length.

1.  Letting go is often necessary for re-awakening your joy and regaining your peace of mind. The principle of release is activated in the heart-center.

Doodling in the Sand
00:00 / 28:54

2. From time to time, we encounter experiences of the divine. In those precious "God-Moments", we experience unexpected treasures of life. Virgil shares one such precious story about his elderly father.

God-Moments and Lady-Hawk
00:00 / 36:55

3.  The transition in consciousness from the ego-mind to the spiritual-heart is portrayed in the story of the baptism of Jesus by John the Baptist.

Three-Act Play at the Jordan
00:00 / 40:43

4.   Learn to apply the mystical concept of oneness with God into your every-day experience, as taught by Jesus in his phenomenal affirmation: "The Father and I are one".

00:00 / 37:16

5.  Do you desire more of God's wonderful blessings, but are filled with fear and distrust? Life is as good as Aunt Bea's apple pie (from Andy Griffith Show) and you can transform your attitude by affirming each day: "Life is Goo--ood."

Life is Goo--ood!
00:00 / 25:16

6.   Explore an interpretation of three biblical concepts:

  • God is ALL, both visible and invisible;

  • Jesus is our example and Way-Shower; and,

  • Satan is the spirit of opposition within the ego-mind.

The Peace of His Presence
00:00 / 31:10

7.   A personal story of a tragic loss, presented to his Unity congregation in August of 2008, that will deeply touch your hearts to the very core. This phenomenal message is of a friendship and love that must be heard. The presentation concludes with a song from a dream, "Come To Jesus".

A Tribute to Stephy
00:00 / 29:51

8.   Jesus was a Master-Teacher. This exploration into the the life and teachings of Jesus will encourage you to delve more fully and follow his esoteric teachings.

Who is This Man, Jesus?
00:00 / 28:36

9.  Virgil presents a practical three-step approach for returning to the Love that is your true nature. Discover that you can change from being a scared or angry person and become a loving individual once again. 

A Model for Returning to Love
00:00 / 27:46
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