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About Virgil Brewer

   Reverend Virgil Brewer presented the metaphysical Truth message at Unity Chapel for 40 years. A life-long researcher of the Bible, Virgil reveals a mystical understanding of both the life and teachings of Jesus that many have come to deeply appreciate. Virgil retired on January 1, 2017, and continues to write and speak.


   Listed below are over 60 of the memorable themes presented as classes, seminars, and workshops by Virgil Brewer. Titles followed by a star indicate a course based upon a popular book of the same title. Titles with 3 stars are his original creations.


The Incredible Teachings of the Master ***

A 3-Step Model for Returning to LOVE ***

Dealing with our Emotions ***

The Heart-Meditation Technique ***

The Principles of Letting-Go ***

The Shack  *

The Secret  *

Discover the Power Within You  *

Seven Steps for Healing an Emotion ***

The Seat of the Soul  *

The Parables of the Master

Jonathan Livingston Seagull  *

The Universal Principles of Life ***

Practical Steps to Meditation ***

Lessons in Truth  *

Prayer: A Personal Relationship with God ***

Using the Beatitudes of Jesus

Learning About Codependency

Interpreting Your Dreams ***

The Creative Process of Life ***

People Who Love Too Much *

Spiritual Economics *

The Lord's Prayer of Oneness

Musical Meditations of St. John ***

The Humanity of Jesus

You Can Have It All  *

The Power of Now  *

A New Earth  *

Fundamental Concepts of Unity

Making Metaphysics Practical ***

Building a Prayer Consciousness ***






Unity: Learning the Principles ***

Unity: Applying the Principles ***

The Quest *

The Beatitudes of Jesus

Keep a True Lent *

The Meditation Experience ***

The Lord's Prayer

Radical Forgiveness *

Principles and Prayers ***

Compassionate Communication

A Complaint-Free World

Seven Habits of Highly Successful People *

Learning the Principles of Prosperity ***

Everything You Always Wanted to Know . . . 

         About the Bible ***

Discover the Meaning of Your Dreams ***

Conversations With God *

Discovering the Bible

Being-In-Balance *

Reinventing the Body -- Resurrecting the Soul *

Seven Spiritual Laws of Success *

Learning to Love Without Conditions *

Metaphysical Discussions ***

The Lost Secrets of Prayer *

Let's Explore Meditation ***

Learning to Create Affirmations

Excuse Me -- Your Life is Waiting *

Stories Around the Christmas Tree

Exploration Into NDE's

A Complaint-Free World

The Surrender Experiment *

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