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Welcome to the official website of Virgil Brewer

If you are seeking a new way to understand God, Life, Jesus, and Yourself, you won't leave disappointed! Sometimes, all you need is to view your life from a higher vantage point.

Exploring Spirituality
from the  
Virgilian  Point of View

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Virgil's first book is now published and available in Ebook or Softcover:
The Virgilian Book of Spiritual Essays

   Have you been reading religious or spiritual books that tell you what to believe, but leave you feeling unengaged? Are you ready for a different approach to spiritual growth? If so, you shall find The Virgilian Book of Spiritual Essays imbued with the potential to cultivate spiritual growth on a multitude of levels. Each of its 101 concise essays shall be intriguing to your mind and nourishing to your soul.

   After all, spirituality is a personal endeavor one embarks upon to understand the meaning of life. By its very nature, spirituality is experiential, involving the discovery and development of our essence beyond the physical, human level. Simply put, spiritual growth occurs through the understanding achieved as one journeys through the meaning of his/her life!

   Thus, each of the succinct essays in this book shall draw you deeper into the spiritual meaning it has just for you. On occasion, you shall discover the benefit of thinking ‘outside the box’. In fact, such pondering may very well be the answer to an unresolved issue in your life.

   Indeed, this book shall provide you with the opportunity:

  • to explore the meaning and purpose of your life;

  • to learn unique ways to connect with the Source of life;

  • to develop an intimate relationship with your Inner Self

  • to become more open-minded and optimistic about life

  • to discover a new slant on Life, on Jesus, on God.

   As your interest in the above blurb has kept you reading to this very point, it is without a doubt that The Virgilian Book of Spiritual Essays is looking for YOU!

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The Virgilian Book of Spiritual Essays
by Virgil Brewer
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